Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paintings, drawing, art and such

Well, it's time to get back to what I do best... hum-hum. Well, it's a way of speaking. I like drawing; drawing is fun; and drawing is actually something that I can do, enjoy and sometimes people will pay me to do it! Isn't that wonderful? No but seriously, isn't that a dream come true? To do exactly what you like doing and getting paid to do it?

I like doing jewelry; I do. But sometimes, it's very useful to take a step back and wonder...: is it really worth it? I mean, I get in a mood sometimes when all I want to be doing is jewelry, but then, as a hobby, it's not necessarily the most fun, and it actually costs me a bunch a money that I won't make back. Oh well!...

I had a yard sale too the other day; it went so well! It was the first time I had a yard sale and I was amazing by the great people I met throughout the days: neighbours, people who come from different neighbourhood, but everyone was very nice and so sociable! it was great to chat and get to know people from different backgrounds. Plus, I actually ended up making way more money than I expected—and that, even though I stupidly put one of my PS3 controller in the bag when I sold my PS2 system :( The guy who bought it was such a sweetheart that I was certain he would bring it back.

But he didn't...

So I did "lose" some money because I had to purchase a new one. Oh well! that's what happens when you want to do something quickly and you don't pay attention, I suppose.

Like typos in a blog :P

Otherwise, I committed myself to training; for the past 5 days, I've been going to the YMCA almost everyday! really a big change for me because I was never the "sporting" type. Juuuust too lazy! You know this drive that people claim they have that they can't stop, that they have to push themselves, a kind of voice that tells them how loser they are if they stop? well, I don't have that voice. Every time I try to run, there's another voice in my head that just says: "what the heck?!" and I stop. So getting committed to pushing myself... well, i thought this would actually be very very difficult. But it's not! I guess you really need to find something that you like doing, an exercise that makes you exercise while making you feel good.

Anyway, it's working for me, and I'm quite happy about that!

So there, not so much, apart from the fact that I want to devote most of my time to painting and drawing from now on.

There's still the dissertation...


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jewelry making

My beautiful neighbour came by the other day and bought four pair of earrings! I was so thrilled that I immediately got back to the jewelry making process—that being said, it does interfere directly with the redaction of my dissertation. Oh well! it's summer after all, and wearing jewelry is great!

I've been really trying to think about why I'm making jewelry and what it means for me, and I realize that it all comes down to a simple fact: too often we see people wearing exactly the same jewelry and I've been thinking about how sad it is that there are so many great talents out there, so many different types of style, so many possibilities and I want to be part of this movement.

And because of that, I want my jewelry to be unique; yes, I will make more than one model usually, but there more than, say, four or five. The reason? Well, I like the idea that the individuals who buy jewelry from me are looking for something unique, something that speaks directly to them, and that it is truly a piece not so many people will be wearing around them as well.

There is also another reason: I profoundly enjoy trying new things, and this means that my own taste for jewelry is always evolving and changing; I make jewelry that I love and I keep having new ideas for new designs. Because of that, most of the designs I created in the past will grow to become fully and untimely unique.

Here are a few of my creations that you can find on Etsy.

Medieval Dangling Earrings 

Dangling Aztek Earrings with White Water Pearls 

Steampunk Spiderweb Earrings 
Don't hesitate to pass along the information on your own blog and FB or twitter if you like the designs :)