Sunday, April 17, 2011

More snow, more fun?

Well, it was another one of those days: woke up around 6ish. Why on earth would i do that on a sunday morning? Actually, i decided to listen to one of those voices in my head to which i never pay attention... and for good reason: i volunteered for a youth dance festival that took place in a way too cold arena, which gave me not only the shivers but also developed a not so fun headache. The least fun part? Basically i didn't even get to observe most of the dance competition as my job involved staying out for most of the event, waiting at a table and handing 1$ ticket to the very few people who did not already purchased a ticket in the previous days of the festival, and frantically checking my emails since the other two girls, clearly smarter than i (but almost knowing what the job really involved) had brought with them a book or ipad.

I don't own an ipad but seriously, i do value my time! Turning my thumbs is something i don't even allow myself when i'm by myself. Even when i watch a show, i tend to do something more... productive. Like half-read a book, paint, socialize online (well, you know, we need to do that too, so if i do 2 things that are not so productive at once, i feel a wee bit more not completely unproductive).

Back home now and enjoying the furry company of my new cat-friend, cheese, the cutest little cat i've seen in a while! She landed in my place last Friday for the weekend. She's quite the kitten! fuzzy and purring like a machine, but afraid of her shadow. As soon as i get up, she runs as if a hornet was stuck in her butt, but if i sit down, she jumps on me and can't seem to receive enough love. Well, well.

Compared to her, Achilles basically looks like a fat and grumpy Garfield. Quite the picture!

This evening, painting! There is no way around it; i really want to finish this painting that i've been working on for more than 2 weeks now. I'm taking a curious pleasure in working complex hair-do, which, hopefully, will look fucking amazing when i'm done. But again, with painting (not like other things in my life) i tend to be one of those: perfectionist.

I'm serious about that. And i profoundly despise perfectionism. The quality, not the people. Well, the people sometimes. Depends who... And how. I mean, how their perfectionism affects me.

Or when the bitterness that comes out of their perception of my lack of similar perfectionism affects me.

Fact is, when it comes to painting, i am somewhat of a perfectionist! (which also implies that i despite myself... or this specific aspect of myself... and how it affects me... how my affects affect me (this is getting complex - Spinoza, where the heck are you?!)) <-- this bracket was a bracket in a bracket, a practice i actually enjoy very much because i enjoy non-linear speaking, which my listeners might not enjoy so much, but for the lord (!)'s sake, you're reading this blog, you can just scroll back a little, eh?

Back to where i think i was: i can spend hours on the smallest details, and if i'm not satisfied with something, i just won't stop. Seriously, this is serious condition!! I'm not quite sure how i feel about this...


As you can see, the picture isn't of high quality (taken with my iphone) but of course, this is just a tease...

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