Friday, April 15, 2011

Raining all weekend...

Woke up at 5:30am, with the sound of jazz on the radio; i must say, waking up early is the way to go (although i absolutely didn't say that when the alarm went off!...) Getting to work, checking my emails, my FB, my twitter... Wow! Already two hours have gone by, and i still haven't started working per se. But, most visibly, it is now 7:30 and apart from green tea that my stomach is requested angrily (or hungrily?!), i am wide awake and ready to start the day!

No painting involved just yet though, but this is what i will treat myself with this evening. My lover's long gone to L.A. (not just yet, thank "somebody") but evenings will be dull as hell and nights cold as fuck.

And now, what is this i hear..? Purring? What's going on with you, Achilles? Is it because i woke up at 7:00, finally, after all those years of meowing your way to my bed, in hope i would get up and cheer you up? Literaly, if it wasn't for the pair of huge balls that hang below his tail, i would think s/he's in heat or... something! But he's having none of that, just regularly love-seeking attitude; climbing on the piano, the desk, my lap; orbiting around my body and purring like a damn tractor! What the fuck?! Did i miss something? Oh well...

So there you have it: plan of the day? Also going on a trip of my own, but nothing as exciting, hot and HOT as L.A.! There will be none of that for the poor francophone soul that i am, but only the sad-looking, grayish, lost in time, somewhere in the 40s, campus of YorkU, Toronto, on which they are currently buldozing the only green space that made this place bearable, and to do what exactly? An entrance for the subway in four years. Hm... Oh, don't get me wrong! this is all good news! but still... going they make the entrance in a building?!

The event is the Grad Humanities Conference: The Everyday... as well as a zillion books i need to drop off at the library, ugh!

Stay posted! I'll put some art very very soon.

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